The Global Entertainment Retail Association-Europe is the trade association of entertainment retailers in Europe. It was set up in August 2000 as the European arm of the Global Entertainment Retail Alliance, an international grouping of retailers, set up to face the challenges of a fast-changing business environment.

GERA-Europe is dedicated to developing a platform for resolution of issues concerning off and on-line commerce and related issues for the sales and distribution of entertainment content.

GERA-Europe gives one voice to its members on commercial and legislative matters affecting their business. With the advent of internet distribution of music, film and other entertainment products, retailers are on the threshold of an exciting new developments, which will create new customer expectations and new commercial relationships. The association will make known the views of its members in the debate surrounding issues such as disintermediation, competition, and consumer privacy and choice. GERA-Europe also monitors and advises its members on other policy matters such as VAT, copyright and piracy.

GERA-Europe instigates dialogue on all issues of interest with record companies, government bodies (particularly at EU level), other trade associations and consumer groups. It hopes to use its position and membership to stimulate debate and awareness of issues of concern to it.

GERA-Europe's secretariat is based in the UK at the office of the Entertainment Retailers Association Contact Beth

GERA-Europe Annual Report

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