Flooring Designs For Your Home

Kitchen flooring designs have changed tremendously over the past few years. The old hardwood floors, tile flooring, and now hand-scraped wood floors are long gone. Instead homeowners are choosing beautiful marble flooring, linoleum, and other durable flooring materials. So, when choosing a kitchen flooring design, what should you keep in mind?

First and foremost, you must decide between wood flooring designs and laminate flooring designs. Laminate flooring is the most popular choice for high traffic areas such as living rooms and dining rooms. It is easy to clean and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, the drawback of laminate flooring is it is easily scratched and stained. On the flip side, wood flooring designs are the traditional choices for kitchens and large living rooms.

If you are considering using wood-look flooring designs or a laminate flooring option, it is a great way to add a unique touch to your home design. One reason why people choose wood-look flooring is because they are a great way to customize a room. Wood flooring can be easily decorated with various types of wood stains and finishes. One great way to add wood-look is by using an antique laminate or wooden floor design. This type of flooring looks old fashioned and classic.

You can also choose a classic flooring designs such as stone and slate patterns. These patterns can go great with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and exposed brick. Another option for wood flooring designs is using a wood plank floor pattern. Patterned wood planks can be installed on top of existing floor tiles. The plank floor pattern will look like it was custom designed for your house.

If you are in need of luxury flooring designs and don’t want to go with one of the basic options, then you might want to consider investing in luxury vinyl planks. Luxury vinyl planks are made to resemble the look of real wood. When you install luxury vinyl planks in your home, you can create a luxurious, sophisticated feel in any room in your house. There are many flooring designs that use luxury vinyl planks, so this is a great way to create a unique interior design for your home. In addition, these flooring tiles are easy to clean; therefore, they are a great option for families with kids and pets.

Finally, if you are tired of the traditional flooring designs, then you might want to try other flooring patterns. You can find patterns that include stripes, patterns, or just about anything else you can imagine. If you are interested in new flooring patterns, then why not take a trip down to your local hardware store? The staff there will be more than happy to help you pick out a new pattern that will improve the look of your home. For more info on flooring designs visit www.denverflooringcompany.com