How Dimensional Letters Can Help Your Brand

Dimensional letters

Dimensional letters make for more visually appealing visual depth than just a regular 2 dimensional sign. The letters can be mounted directly on the wall or framed and then hung on the door or any other visible location. Mounting 3 dimensional letters right next to the existing window, as with the popular “Memphis TN” sign, makes for a slick, modern appearance that will certainly impress your visitors. If you’re interested in a more unique design, however, it’s important to find a reputable sign company that can meet your specifications.


Dimensional lettering doesn’t only have to be used outdoors. Many companies utilize the same sign styles indoors, such as brushed nickel, solid brass, brushed aluminum, and textured finishes. Brushed finishes are ideal because of their unsurpassed brilliance and relative low maintenance. Brushed metals don’t need to be polished or tinned; a simple wipe with a damp cloth or clean sponge, plus a quick touch up with a stain remover, is enough to keep these types of fabricated metal letters looking fresh and vibrant.


Brushed aluminum and brushed metal are manufactured with similar types of materials that also make them extremely durable. In fact, these types of sign letters can withstand years of exposure to grease, oils, snow, hail, dirt, and dust without suffering any damage. They’re virtually impenetrable to abrasion, so they won’t scratch when placed against a wall, a cabinet door, or any other surface. Some brushed finish varieties come with textured finishes, which allow the metal to “bounce” off imperfections in the wood and add subtle highlights throughout the sign letters. These textured finishes may include embossing, grid designs, raised letters, and many other finishes to enhance the depth of the textured design.


Unlike other metal letters, though, brushed wooden dimensional letters need to be touched up after each time they’re used. Touch ups won’t erase the sign’s original sheen, but they can greatly enhance the depth of the wooden design. Lubricants and waxes are commonly used to prevent the wood from rusting or drying out. The letters may be lightly sanded or left naturally smooth. For touch ups that need to go beyond just glossing, touches can be performed with oil, acrylic, or latex paint.


While dimensional letters can be purchased in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors, some companies still opt for very unique signs. Artists can customize signs to create art or logos, and most sign companies also offer a wide variety of dimensional letters ready for customization. If you can’t find the right shape, size, or color in your sign font, many sign manufacturers can also etch or stamp logos onto customized signs.


Even though dimensional letters have come along way, they’re still nowhere near as popular as they were twenty years ago. Some signs are still handmade but most are mass produced by sign companies. However, as with any popular trend, there are plenty of imitation products that offer the same old-time look. It will take some time for dimensional letters to make a comeback; they first gained popularity in the 1960s and haven’t been able to shake a steady lack of interest since then. That said, if you’re considering a new signage solution, it may be worth investigating dimensional letters, at least until the fad dies down and realigns itself back to something a little more traditional.