Custom Shower Pans Increases the Appeal of Your Bathroom

The process of shower remodeling can be both time consuming and expensive if you are not careful. Prices will vary depending on the exact supplies you require. Modern shower stalls are much more versatile than they were in the past, allowing you the freedom to create the space you want with a modern shower stall that fits into most traditional bathrooms. Here are some ideas of what’s possible for your new shower stall:

If you’re looking for the newest trend in bathroom remodeling, walk-in shower heads may be the perfect fit for your home. Walk-in shower heads offer the convenience of a standard shower, but you can choose to have a shower head that is attached or have a detached walk-in option. A walk-in shower head connects to your showerhead pipe, so when the shower is turned on, the walk-in water faucet drains to the ground. You can walk into the shower with your hair free, and there’s enough room to sit down, bend your knees, and soak.

If you have old tile, shower walls may not be a good choice for walk-in showers and you may be wondering what you can do instead. Changing out shower walls is easy: paint, vinyl, or sheet metal is often all that’s needed. New shower walls can be custom-made with a variety of materials including fiberglass, stone, cement, ceramic, marble, soapstone, concrete, wood, and more. There are many options for walls, as well as different styles of doors, including the traditional canopy or sliding glass door that allows for easy access to the shower head. Custom shower doors often incorporate glass panels or doors that are hand-painted to match existing shower walls.

In addition to the replacement of the shower wall and doors, a shower remodeling job often includes the installation of new shower heads. Walk-in shower heads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer two different options: one with a removable faceplate allowing you to wash behind your back or the traditional wall-mounted option that requires a solid surface to be cleaned. New shower heads with integrated seats usually require a molding job because of the new shape of the enclosure. Master bathrooms that are attached to the master bath often include built-in seating in the shower area, so if you’re remodeling an attached master bathroom, it’s especially important to make sure that there is adequate space in which to install new shower seating.

Other items that often need to be replaced or renovated during a bathroom remodel are the fixtures and supplies. Faucets, soap dispensers, and toilet seats are a relatively inexpensive item to purchase, but new shower curtains can also increase the resale value of your home. Shower curtains that feature decorative panels that are cut in custom patterns or with an unusual material are more likely to be selected for the new owner than vinyl shower curtains and homeowners looking to update their homes are often interested in purchasing resale items. A well-chosen shower curtain can also improve the appearance of an unkempt bathroom by hiding unsightly plumbing fixtures or pipes.

When your bathroom remodeling project is finished, you will have created a bathroom that looks and feels great. But unless you purchased your shower pans and showerheads pre-made, you’ll have to create a matching set of tile and shower fixtures that match the color and texture of your custom shower pans. Fortunately, shower remodeling projects aren’t as difficult to complete as many people think. In fact, it’s possible to create a truly unique shower experience by carefully choosing tile and shower fixtures, and there are several companies like Luxury Bath Technologies that make complete bathroom remodeling, complete with shower pan and shower fixture sets as well as shower doors, and handles. When you take the time to create a one-of-a-kind look for your shower, you’re far more likely to get a good return on your investment in the custom shower pans and other shower accessories.