Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys – Fighting Tax Crimes And Protecting Your Interests

Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

There are many different types of tax fraud cases. Typically, the person who prepares taxes for another person acts on the mistaken belief that the individual is not responsible for the tax debt. This does not necessarily have to be in the person’s knowledge or with the victim’s consent. Regardless of the reason for the tax debt, there are many defenses that can help prevent a conviction. A tax fraud defense attorney has the skills necessary to fight tax crimes and protect your interests.

An experienced and effective tax fraud defense attorney knows the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution case. A taxpayer’s attorney will not try to persuade the Department of Justice lawyer to drop the case, but instead will expose the weak spots in the government’s case. This way, the government will strengthen its case and be more prepared to fight the case at trial. If your case goes to trial, a skilled tax fraud defense attorney will make sure that the prosecutor isn’t able to convict you on every charge.

If you’ve been accused of tax fraud, contact a qualified tax fraud defense attorney as soon as possible. Tax fraud charges can have serious consequences for your life and career. If convicted, a criminal conviction could result in the loss of your job, professional license, and respect from others. Hiring an experienced tax fraud defense attorney is essential for your best interests and your future. It may be the difference between being released from prison or spending years in jail.

The region where David M. Garvin practices law is the Southern Region. He has represented 10% of the criminal tax jury trial winners in the Southern Region. In the last 17.5 years, he has represented 81 taxpayers who have been found Not Guilty on all charges. For that reason, he is a top tax fraud defense attorney. You should choose a region in which he or she practices. Your state’s laws will dictate whether or not a tax fraud defense attorney can assist you.

In some cases, a tax fraud defense attorney cannot accompany you to a grand jury. Taxpayers should never appear alone in front of a grand jury unless their attorney is present. The AUSA assigned to the investigation will influence the outcome. A good tax fraud defense attorney will explain to their client that they should not appear alone before the grand jury. If they do, the attorney will likely be able to invoke their 5th Amendment rights.

Unlike many other criminal lawyers, David M. Garvin is a Florida Bar-certified tax specialist. He has twice won the Daily Business Review’s “Most Effective Lawyer” award. His clients can be confident that he will vigorously defend their interests in a tax fraud trial. He is also a Top-Rated attorney in the United States by Super Lawyers. He has devoted his entire career to tax fraud defense, and has achieved a high AV rating with Martindale-Hubbell.